A Unique and Advanced Software To Conduct Online Exams

The Exambox portal allows teachers to manage exam content and view valuable evaluation data easily. It helps to create exam papers, tag questions by category, create qualitative analysis, and generate performance reports all from one central device.


Restructure the educational process with systematic exams.

Easy to Learn and Use

Assists teachers conduct exams and improve student performance. Computer-based examination software gathers exam data and creates easy-to-use reports.

Highly Interactive Interface

Using a single platform for administering and grading exams saves time. It delivers the most needed data and gives immediate feedback to students.

Advanced Reporting System

With powerful analytics tools, teachers can track course, category, and student performance as well as identify syllabus gaps.

Splendid Support

If you have any questions about the online examination software? The Exambox expertise team always stands by your side and provides the best possible support.

Smart Subscriptions

Manage everything from student registration to exam selection as well as payment implementation from a single dashboard.

Active Accessibility

Provide students a uniform examination experience, whether exams are delivered from home or in the classroom.


The online examination options, complete device control, and other features ensure security in conducting exams.

Optimum Reporting System

The category-based reporting system helps to increase student performance by identifying areas for improvement and guiding study habits.

How it works?

Create test code

Create questions

Assign to students

Conduct Exam

Generate result

About ExamBox

Exambox is an easy to use examination software designed for online exams and remote programmes. The secured portal enables teachers, examination organisations to efficiently create, grade, and analyse exams to improve student performance

The methods to improve exams and learning outcomes are simple and clear. A computer-based examination software collects evaluation data and generates simple reports to help teachers in improving student performance. The portal's accurate details resolve the most difficult challenges of the student exam and also provides a secure examination environment.


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