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Simple and Secure platform for all your assessment needs

Exambox is an easy to use examination software designed for online exams and remote programmes. The secured portal enables teachers, examination organisations to efficiently create, grade, and analyse exams to improve student performance.

It simplifies syllabus management, design, certification reviews, and more. It provides outstanding exam security along with detailed understanding of the exam and customised data reporting. The faculty, staff, and administrators with in-depth learning analytics can make data-driven decisions.

Create test code

Create questions

Assign to students

Conduct Exam

Generate result

State - of - Art
Online examination solution

We prioritize quality user experience with a goal to conduct test online assuring minimal human-intervention.We provide the management of examination and assessment, using an advanced hassle-free transactional interface.


The exambox.in online exams are compatible with all mobile devices and modern browsers.

Student Management

The teacher can add candidates to any chosen exam using the exambox admin panel. And can simply assign exams and monitor the performance of the student.

Questionnaire Management

The teacher can add and define one question at a time on the panel or can get an excel file consisting of multiple questions.

Effective Reporting System

The advanced tools for measuring the marks gained in each subject, section, and exam are clearly defined.

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