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ExamBox is a Perfect Examination Solution.

Simplify, Secure and Speed-Up Your examination process


Manage an unlimited database of different question papers to create personalized exams and questionnaires.

1. Offers detailed information on various styles of questions.
2. Helps to easily use pictures, math equations, multi-language questions, etc.
3. The teacher can add and define a question at one time in the panel.
4. Can import multiple questions forming in one excel file.
5. Simply create multiple-choice, subjective, and objective questions.
6. Mark and filter questions by tags and exam software will ease your search results.


Create exams by defining names, images, ranking schemes, time limits, questions, etc.

1. Modify required settings like movement, limitations, mandate fields, and more.
2. Assign exams to targeted students or groups to the exam.
3. Give guidelines that a student can follow to resolve the issues.
4. Marking schemes to be made clear for correct and wrong attempts.
5. Give certain tips and instructions to students to attempt exams easily.
6. Turn exact sections and respond to questions to prevent cheating on the exams.


The onscreen examination system is technology used to increase the process of the paper review.

1. Teachers can easily login and view the students' answers and allocate marks.
2. It consists of a process to securely scan every answer and store it in software.
3. Any teacher or moderator can check replies at their location.
4. Can securely connect to the system and get scanned response sheets.
5. Process automation system calculates results quickly & generates a marksheet.
6. Various scorecards can be downloaded easily in excel sheet format.


Advanced scoring and analysis tools provide deep insight into the marks scored in each subject, section, exam, and other topics.

1. It provides a more in-depth look at scorecards and student performance.
2. Analyze and deliver exam results on a timely basis.
3. It shows the number of completed exams, appeared candidates, and scores.
4. Can check records by using search filters with student names.
5. The report contains detailed data about a student's performance on an exam.
6. View the list of students who scored ranks, marks, correct & skipped answers.


Add and import candidates, group relevant candidates, and simply give exams to students so you can keep track of their progress.

1. Using exambox admin panel, teachers can add students to any exam.
2. This would involve the entry of a few preliminary entities to register a student.
3. Teachers can directly guide a student with required groups during registration.
4. Using the import excel tool, teachers can add numerous students to a group.
5. Manage and work together to arrange the student's data in structured form.
6. For future use and reference, data can be saved in the form of an excel file.


An innovative remote proctoring software helps to monitor student exams and there are very easy steps to sign up and start.

1. The question bank can be recorded, uploaded and the exam pattern is defined.
2. In any query immediate support is given.
3. Try to find a solution in advance, our 24/7 support for emails is available.
4. Have a fully integrated ticketing system in the admin account for any assistance.
5. We have telephone support and live chat for quick help.
6. We committed to serve better with Exambox.in, the most trusted examination software.